Congrats to Attendancy and his team for winning the Lobby Build Competition! Be sure to congratulate them in-game :)

:thumbsup: Great Job!






I had a feeling this would be picked, I just don't like how the people posted it 3 times throughout the comp forum.

called it

some people are biased towards 3asel (unluckyl) cuz apparently he built for their server

people always get biased to the first person they see

Hoora! Gratz on winning! :)

Wish i could build as good as dat...


I agree with wowie25. Anyways, congrats to the winner!

Wooohoo, thanks everyone ;D!

So kind x)

congrats to the win :D

Good job! It looks better then the lobby we have now

congrat ya lashings

Sadly, this lobby will not be published to Minehut.

Luuke is making a better one.

Not a bump <: