Minehut strives to sustain a welcoming, peaceful environment for everyone to enjoy. To do so, the Minehut Moderation Team deals punishments to the players who break the following rules. Depending on the severity of the offence, violations may result in a punishment including a verbal / command warning, mute, or ban. The Minehut Moderation Team reserves the right to punish any player with a relevant reason of action. All reports are kept strictly confidential regardless of the outcome.

  1. Abuse of Minehut in any way is prohibited. Abusing Minehut provided features will result in a punishment.
  2. We are a family friendly server. Inappropriate or offensive material is strictly prohibited. Players are expected to maintain appropriate uses of Minecraft Skins, Server Names, Server MOTD Messages, Minecraft Usernames and Optifine Capes. "Innapriopriate and offensive" material may include -- but not be limited to -- racist, sexist and homophobic terms, slurs, and remarks.
  1. Do not advertise servers in the lobby. The lobby is where many users like to socialize; allowing server advertisements degrades the chat experience.
  2. Spamming chat is not allowed. Repeating the same, or variation, message an excessive amount of times will result in a punishment. Messages that overuse capital letters are subject to a punishment. We want to keep our chat readable and inviting, spam and caps take away from this.
  3. Do not curse. Cursing and Swearing, in addition to the use of offensive language, is not allowed.
  4. Do not bypass the Swear Filter Attempting to bypass the swear filter will result in a punishment.
  5. Do not advertise external Minecraft Servers. You are only allowed to discuss servers hosted by Minehut.
  6. Threats are not allowed. Threatening users, including those of a "DDoS" attack (or variations there of) are not allowed.
  7. Leaking personal info is not allowed. Revealing a user's personal information will result in a severe punishment. Information can include -- but not limited to -- name, email, location, password, family and ip address.
  1. Private Servers are allowed to create their own set of chat and gameplay rules. Rules related to chat and gameplay only apply to the lobby servers.
  2. Players who repeatedly promote a negative experience on player servers are subject to a network blacklist. This includes actions like griefing, exploiting, etc.